Natter & Fulmer, P.C. regularly represents clients in matters involving trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, licensing, and intellectual property portfolio development. In this regard, the attorneys of Natter & Fulmer, P.C. approach intellectual property issues in a manner that combines the firm’s technological and business knowledge so that our clients may maximize the benefits from their intellectual property.

Natter & Fulmer, P.C. advises its clients on a wide range of intellectual property issues including the selection, protection and enforcement of company names, brand names, internet domain names, slogans and trade dress, both in U.S. and worldwide markets. We also provide services to our clients in regard to the protection, transfer and registration of their trademarks and copyrights.

Natter & Fulmer, P.C. also routinely litigates on behalf of its clients in order to protect their client’s valuable investment and established good will. By fashioning a litigation strategy based upon the law and the client’s particular business objectives, we seek to resolve intellectual property disputes in a cost-efficient yet effective manner either through settlement or trial when necessary.

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